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  • In 3 days, the Samurai Web Experts fixed issues on my website that I was struggling with other developers for months.

    Mario Tarantino
    Mario Tarantino Photographer
  • Its been such a pleasure working with Samurai Web Experts… their service has been seamless, totally on point and immediately responsive!

    Eugene Nyathi
    Eugene Nyathi Professional Photographer
  • Samurai Web experts live their brand promise: “Their expertise. Our peace”. Great team to work with.

    Marietjie van der Merwe
    Marietjie van der Merwe Managing Director - Global Natives
  • The Samurai have been developing our Intranet Software for the last 4 years, with incredible results. We gained in competitiveness and speed. It's now impossible to go back to our old ways of working with tons of super long Excel lists. For any new software development, we will certainly not look elsewhere!

    Philip Boyens
    Philip Boyens CIO of SCIP Engineering Group
  • It's now been many years, that we’ve been hosting our website with the Samurai Web Experts. We've never had any issues. Of all web hosts that I have worked with, I've never experienced such a high level of expertise & proactivity in their performance and advice given. Highly recommended!

    Laurent Ades
    Laurent Ades Director - Paoma Ltd - Authorised Apple Reseller
  • I can recommend Samurai very highly for their email solutions. They’ve been hosting our emails for so many years now, and we've never had any problems.

    Eric Chavoix
    Eric Chavoix Director of Eric Chavoix Architects
  • It's been a pleasure to have all my domain names managed by Samurai for many years now. I wouldn’t go anywhere else... What I really appreciate about them, is that you don’t have to concern yourself with all the technicalities. They take care of everything!

    Judex Lajeunesse
    Judex Lajeunesse Director - Sous Le Soleil
  • Samurai Web Experts offers the best customer service I’ve experienced in the industry. They are strategic, responsive, reliable, creative & knowledgeable in all matters relating to the web. I can recommend...

    Marie-Aimée Thomas
    Marie-Aimée Thomas Director - Arche de Zoé
  • We were assisted by Samurai, with extremely professional advice, and always present and involved, in the development of a number of websites. Their guidance on how to provide the best user experience to visitors was spot on.

    Guillaume Gonzague
    Guillaume Gonzague Director - Lemon DDB
  • We've enjoyed peace of mind working with the Samurai team, because of their experience and expertise of the digital world.

    Symon Lutchmaya
    Symon Lutchmaya Director - ProSyndic Services



We Samurais will protect you and guide you along the paths of the Web environment.
We’ve been working together for more than 15 years.
English, French, Afrikaans we’ve done it.

  • David
    David Web Ninja

    David masters all the web technologies and languages.

  • Leon
    Leon Programing Guru
    South African

    Black belt and 8th Dan programmer.

  • Grindel
    Grindel Marketing Karateka

    Grindel will make your voice much sweeter & louder.

  • Gilbert
    Gilbert The Brave Warrior

    Sensei to SMEs. Word wrestler; syntax or text holds no fear for him.

  • Iaina
    Iaina Wordpress Ronin

    Iaina is a WordPress champion and a great graphic designer.