Why you should not send newsletters with your personal email

Brands want to keep their visitors engaged on their website by asking them to leave their email address to subscribe to their newsletters, like you can see if you start scrolling this article. It is proven that sending newsletters is a good way to keep your visitors engaged. However, when time comes to send your newsletter to your subscribers, you might ask yourself: how do I do this?

1. Recipients Limit

For security reasons, all email providers (free & professional) will limit the amount of recipients you can send. The limit is around 25 recipients per email. So, if you have 6 000 subscribers, you will need to send 240 times the same email, which includes copy/paste the title & text 240 times, making sure all your recipients are in ‘Bcc’. You will agree that this is VERY cumbersome.

2. Being labelled as a spammer

If you send mass emailing using your personal account directly from Yahoo, Gmail or even through Outlook, then you have high chances over time to be seen as a spammer. Once you are seen as a spammer, it will be very hard to change that. Let me explain:

When you send an email, there are two companies usually involved:

  • Your email provider (gmail, yahoo or any email hosting company)
  • The email provider of your recipient

Both companies will check that some standards are apply when sending emails repeatedly to multiple recipients and some of these standards include:

  • Is this email sender a registered company to send mass mail?
  • Is the email design compliant with most email software (outlook, thunderbird, apple mail, etc…)
  • Is there a way for people to unsubscribe to the list
  • and many more questions…

If all of these standards are not met, it will increase your chances of being labelled as a spammer. Later, when you send normal emails (not the newsletters) to your recipients for work, your email might end up in their spam folder, or even worse, if you continue you might end up black listed, i.e., all emails sent from your account will not reach its recipients!

3. Email Design

When emailing newsletter to your prospects, you will want your newsletters to look “sexy” and stand-out of all the newsletters that your recipients will receive. Therefore you will want to make your email look much better than a classic email, you might want to add the following :

  • Photo
  • Link
  • Color
  • Different font color & size
  • Links
  • etc…

What most people do not realise is that when you prepare your email using, for example, outlook, your recipients might receive your email in a different design. Therefore you have a very limited control on how your email will look like.

4. Feedback

When sending a newsletter using your personal email, you have no idea on:

  • How many people received your email
  • How many viewed your email
  • How many clicked on the link in your email

The solution

Use a mass mailing platform that will solve all the above problems:

  1. You will be able to send your email to millions of people in one click
  2. They follow the rules of the Anti Spam and if your email looks suspicious, they will inform you.
  3. They pre-design email templates that display the same on all email software
  4. You have stats on your campaigns (how many people viewed the email, how many opened it? etc…)

But more

  • They manage the subscription list, so that people are able to unsubscribe very easily
  • You can segment your list. For example, you might want to send a different newsletter to all french speaking recipients
  • You will manage your recipients list much easier than in your address book of your email software.

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