Why is brand content important?

Branded content is about generating & publishing useful “content” for your target audience as explained in this article. Now, we want to see the benefits of it:

Image development

It shows your company’s expertise in your respective field by publishing your own content and by miming existing media. It positions your company as a leader in the sector. If you are seen as experts, you will automatically be viewed as a leader.

Morgan Stanley’s publication with experts’ analysis on finance matters aims at positioning them as a leader.

Morgan Stanley Brand Content

Creates credibility

It creates credibility and thus increasing the consumer’s trust in your brand.

For example: AXA has dedicated a space for their own magazine on their corporate website.for instance, the column on the ‘future of insurance’ aims not only at showing their expertise but this also proves that they are foresighted and this will only create trust.

AXA Brand Content

Create bond between brand and customer

It helps create a strong bond between your brand and the customer, thus creating brand loyalty.

Danonino is doing great in that sense. They not only has a strong tagline ‘growing together’ but they live up to their promise by sharing advice, videos, games & activities with the mums.

Danonino Brand Content

Other Valid Reasons

  • Give value added services to readers in a logic of customer service and it’s a great way to remain top of mind
  • It will generate lead: If your visitors are happy by the content provided, there is a high chance that they will register for more content and in return, you will get their contact details.
  • Lead conversion: brands which provide useful content connects the prospects to the company for the long run and convert them into customers.

To conclude, this is a great way to stay top of mind and to reach those who are generally allergic to traditional advertising.

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