What is the EU Cookie Law?

You must have seen this little notification when you browse websites where it says “We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.”

it seems that most websites have this notification… but why

What is a cookie?

Each time you visit a website, a cookie is sent to your computer. This cookie is a little file that contains information about you and your behavior online. For example, a cookie can store:

  • The language you’ve selected on a website.
  • The products you’ve added to the cart.

So, when you come back later, all theses information are still there. Read more about cookies

Why a law for internet cookies?

To protect online privacy of EU citizens, the EU parliament passed a law in 2011, making it compulsory for websites to get consent from visitors that their website is using cookies. The aim is to protect but also inform visitors how information about them is collected and used online.

Do I need to abide to this law even if my website is hosted outside EU?

Yes, the law not only applies to all member states of the European Union but to all websites (outside of the EU also) that are targeting people within member states.

And what if I don’t do it?

If your company is based in EU, you risk enforcement action from regulators, which could lead, but in rare cases, to a fine.

However, non-complying to the EU law could have more serious consequences than a fine. Today, web users are getting more and more concern about their online privacy, they would avoid engaging with websites where they believe their privacy is at risk.

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