“365 Histoires” New Website

Samurai Web Experts went beyond my expectations.

No more headaches to try maintaining a complex website.

Jean-Louis Gaillard
Founder of “365 Histoires”

365 Histoires New Website

June 2018

What we did

Actually, for years, so many things many added along the way that in the end, the home page and interior pages looked quite busy. One of the objective was to review the look & feel to make it look more airy and give it some modernity which would obviously improve its usability as well. Other criteria to improve user experience like loading, security, flow, mobile friendly etc. were taken into account and the following changes were brought:

  • 130 times lighter and therefore more rapid
  • The use of a CDN was made so that the pages can load more quickly based on user location
  • Icon “Favicon” installed for all types of devices (ipad, iphones, etc…) –
  • Https Secured
  • A cache version is activated for increased speed
  • The store page has been simplified
  • More than 15 languages available

They are planning to make 22 languages available and looking forward to more challenges!

Easy Maintenance

One of the challenge was to make the website easier to maintain as there is more than 1 000 stories made available in more than 20 languages, and each can be a different format: video, audio, illustrations & stripes. So you can quickly reach 100 000 files to manage.

Our approach was to use the best existing tools for each of these formats, so for:

  • Videos: we use youtube
  • Audio: we use soundcloud
  • Illustration & Stripe: we use dropbox

Then, we connected each of the platform to the website, so that the website is updated automatically when any new file is added in any format.

The result is an easy maintenance as 90% of the website is updated automatically.

365 Histoires Logo

“365 Histoires” is a collection of stories either true or inspired from actual events and aim to encourage listeners.

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