Samurai Email Responsibility

Samurai’s responsibility is to ensure that your email account can send & receive messages on the server (but not on your devices) at all times.

At the beginning

When your email account was just created, you received a “Congrats Email”  giving you:

  • Your login
  • Your Password
  • And a link to start using your email account, something like:

Right, there you could already send & receive emails online. If you can still do that, then your email account is working. And this is Samurai’s responsibility to make sure this works.


Like most people, you probably wanted to check your email without having to do it from a website. Therefore you probably installed your new email account on a mail software such as: Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple mail, etc….

It is not Samurai’s responsibility to make sure your devices are working, however, we provide documentation to help you setting this up.

You are in charge of your devices

You are free to install your email account on as many devices as you would like to : Tablet, phone, computers, etc… However, if a device does not receive/send email, this does not mean that the email account is not working, it means that the device is not set properly.

To check if the email account is really working, check your email online (using the info received on the “Congrats Email”) and if you can login and receive email, then your email account is working. It is your mail software settings that are not correct.


All that to say that Samurai is not the responsible of your email account on your devices but on the server only.

Outlook tutorial